Live-In Home Care

a caretaker with her patientsIf you need 24/7 health supervision and support, our care professionals may stay with you at home; always there when you need help and always there to keep you company.

Tasks and Responsibilities of TLC Home Assist’s Live-In Caregivers

  • Routine AM / PM Care
  • Organize the Client’s Appointments and Schedule
  • Assistance with Toileting
  • Assisting the Client with Feeding / Eating
  • General Monitoring of Health Conditions
  • Medication Intake Reminders
  • Assisting the Client in Getting Dressed
  • Mobility Support
  • Transportation to Family Gatherings
  • Monitoring Blood Pressure, Temperature and other Vital Signs
  • Assistance in Maintaining a Home Exercise Program
  • Shopping for Groceries and Food Supplies

Let’s start living better and feeling better at home! You can count on our staff to be there for you round-the-clock and to care for you with competence. Talk to our care coordinator today by giving us a call at 540-524-2522.