Aging in Place

an old woman eating meals guided by expertsThere exist many risks for injury to older adults in the common household, therefore impacting upon their capability to successfully age in place. Among the greatest threats to an ability to age in place is falling. TLC is committed to fall prevention. Common features in an everyday household, such as a lack of support in the shower or bathroom, inadequate railings on the stairs, loose throw rugs, and obstructed pathways are all possible dangers to an older person. Our staff can evaluate your home and suggest simple and low-cost modifications that can greatly decrease the risk of falling, as well as decreasing the risk of other forms of injury. Consequently, this increases the likelihood that one can age in place.

Examples Include:

  • Increased lighting
  • Accessible switches at both ends of the stairs
  • Additional railings
  • Grab bars
  • Nonskid flooring
  • A hand-held Flexible shower head
  • Walk-in bathtubs
  • The removal of throw rugs and clutter.

TLC Home Assist, LLC in partnership with Certified Aging In Place professionals can also offer other modifications to the home – especially those that require retrofitting – these changes are a little more costly due to increased complexity of installation. These can include: ramps for accessible entry and exit, walk-in shower, sliding shelves, stairlifts, and etc.

Let’s start living better and feeling better at home! You can count on our staff to be there on time and to care for you with competence. Talk to our care coordinator today by giving us a call at 540-524-2522.